July Seminar: Collaborative Consumption

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Collaborative Consumption
Monday, July 23rd, 6:30pm-9:30pm
Co-Merge Workplace, 330 A St
San Diego, CA


Car2go San Diego
Collaborative Consumption describes the rapid explosion in swapping, sharing, bartering, trading and renting occurring within our society. These trends are being reinvented through the latest technologies and peer-to-peer marketplaces in ways and on a scale never possible before.

Nir Benzvi will be our guest presenter.  He has a keen interest in entrepreneurial ventures, and has been involved in a variety of projects in and around San Diego.  By exploring things like bike-sharing schemes, private housing collectives and local resilient, sharing communities, we will gain a greater understanding of the power of free-market collaboration.


What's Mine is Yours: The Rise of Collaborative Consumption by Rachel Botsman and Roo Rogers

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June Seminar:  The Elegance of Design

The Elegance of Design
Monday, June 18th, 6:30pm-9:30pm
Co-Merge Workplace, 330 A St
San Diego, CA


Form is nearly as important as function whether creating a consumer product, creative space or intuitive interface.  Apple has in part won the hearts of its users with compelling and friendly devices.  Burt Rutan, founder of Scaled Composites, has created unique and elegant aircraft that not only work well, but are works of art.  Google, 3M and others have all used advances in collaborative workspace to enable the creative, ad hoc exchange of innovative ideas.

This month, husband and wife couple David and Mikeala Pearson, local San Diego architects, will walk us through their design process.  They will explore the finer points of their craft, and introduce us to the design competitions they have submitted ideas to.  Come for the pictures, stay for the discussion on reenergizing public spaces, creating stories with products and brainstorming better interfaces for military hardware. 


Pinterest Boards:

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Via: architecture / infrastructure / landscapes

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Places to Visit in San Diego:

  • Petco Park by Antoine Predock and Others, a great example of integrating public and private spaces
  • UCSD Campus - A great integration of older and modern architecture

Emily Pilloton:  Teaching Design for Change


May Seminar: Biomimicry

Monday, May 21st, 6:30pm-9:30pm
Co-Merge Workplace, 330 A St
San Diego, CA


Since the beginning of time, man has tried to emulate the attributes of nature.  Birds helped inspire flight; fish, underwater travel.  But with recent boons in technological knowledge and a broader understanding of the natural world around us, the field of biomimicry is about to explode like never before.  The focus of our May session will be on the applications of Nature-based innovations, and how they can make our society better.

Point Loma Nazarene University Professor of Entrepreneurship Randy Ataide will be our special guest for the evening.  He is the Executive Director of the Fermanian Business and Economic Institute, and has been instrumental in the development of The San Diego Zoo’s biomimicry program.  He will speak about some of the past innovations in the field, and the exciting future biomimicry has in a variety of industries.


Invite someone new to Disruptive Thinkers.
What animals have you imagined mimicking in your business?  What natural processes inspire you?  Could they be transferred to Design, Architecture or new Products?


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